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Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Folding Fat Tire Ebike - Q7 (New Upgrade)
Folding Fat Tire Ebike - Q7 (New Upgrade)
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Gosen Q7
Folding Fat Tire Ebike - Q7 (New Upgrade)
Folding Fat Tire Ebike - Q7 (New Upgrade)

Gosen Q7

Dual Battery Folding Fat Tire E-bike | 750W 1488Wh


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Special Gift Mirrors($36) Included,(Ends Soon),gifts will be shipped Separately.

Gosen e-bikes have a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects from the date of delivery (free accessories are not covered).

Dual Battery Fat Tire E-bike

Charge less. Ride more. Q7.


Folded 37.8x19.7x33.9"


Brushless Motor

48V 31Ah

Dual Battery

100+ Miles

Extended Range

Class 3

5-levels PAS


Max Load

Dual Battery All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

The best all-terrain e-bike from forests to sandy beaches and dense snow.

750W Brushless Hub Motor

The powerful rear motor delivers 750 W of continuous power and even 1000 W of peak power for short periods when needed. Now you can conquer hills faster, gain speed quicker, and experience a more powerful ride throughout - even at lower speeds.


Peak Power

85 Nm

Max Torque

Dual Battery System

The Q7 electric bike has an 864Wh seatpost battery and a 624Wh top tube battery. It can easily handle your most ambitious adventures with 100+ miles in PAS mode and 55+ miles in full throttle mode. The intelligent battery system draws power from both batteries to ensure maximum range.

100+ Miles

Per One Charge


Total Capacity

4 Hours +6 Hours

Fully Charged

Key features of the Build

Reliable components at a fair price.

Shock Absorber

Rear Suspension

The durable shock absorber system is made of high-quality alloys. 

Front Fork

The front fork is adjustable, has a lockout, and supports you when riding in difficult terrain.

Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes provide superior stopping power, responding to light touch and ensuring full stopping power in all weather conditions.

shimano 7 speed gear shift

Shimano Derailleur

Shimano's 7-speed cassette and throttle shifting make for a smooth and easy ride. Combined with the pedal assist, you can ride at the speed that works best for you.

M5 LCD Display

M5 LCD Display

The display provides clear and accurate data such as assistance level, speed, battery charge, and distance. Check your riding status at any time and ride your e-bike even during the rain.

Battery Selector Switch

Battery Switch

Turn the switch to "F" to activate the front battery. Turn the switch to "R" to activate the seat tube battery.

shimano 7 speed gear shift

20x4" Fat Tires

Tread groove design provides excellent handling and grip with anti-slip function. Multi-layer tires are safer and better protected from punctures.

shimano 7 speed gear shift

52T Crankset

Durable aluminum cranksets protect the chainring and help the chainstay ride over rough terrain. The improved 52T crank reduces the risk of pedaling to nothing while riding.

shimano 7 speed gear shift

Rear Light

A bicycle battery-powered taillight can be turned on and off using the control panel on the steering wheel. The tail lights are bright and make riding at night safer and more enjoyable.

Pedal Assist System (PAS)

Pedal assist is a function of the bicycle that transfers the power of the motor directly into the pedaling motion.

Pedal assist can be activated by selecting a PAS level using the selection buttons. The higher the PAS level, the more power is transferred with each pedal stroke and the easier the bike is to ride. It is also possible to select no pedal assistance (PAS level 0) and only use the throttle or ride without motor assistance by pedaling.

Pedal Assist System (PAS)

Pedal assist is a bike feature that puts the power of the motor right in your pedal stroke.

Pedal assist can be activated by selecting a PAS level using the PAS selector buttons. The higher the PAS level, the more power is delivered with each pedal stroke, and the easier it is to ride. There is also an option to select no pedal assistance (PAS level 0) and use the throttle only or ride without assistance from the motor by pedaling.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

My review somehow keeps getting deleted, no big surprise when you realize who you are dealing with...they could just get back to me instead!

Been trying to reach support since May 17 to no avail! I don't know what is going on, they were very responsive between February when i bought the bike and April :-(

In the past month I tried:

3 times via email:
[****] = 0 reply [****] = 0 reply
2 times via their contact form on website = 0 reply
Via Messenger on their Facebook = never even read
Their phone number which on found on their USA website: no answer

I have a broken wheel spoke and defective battery on Q7 that is still under warranty! this is VERY frustrating! BUYER BEWARE!

Don Warneke
No support

I've been waiting for over a week for a return email from the support group or sales regarding my most rect purchase. Busted parts, no response after 3 differnt emails. But they can ask for a review, go figure. I'm taking my issuse up with PayPal. This is ourb3rd Q7 bike and this is how we are treated. Beware!!

Bad to the bone

This is one serious e bike for any adult bike enthusiast at a great price when compared to the rest. Very well built for all day biking without getting tired. And if you want a bit of exercise turn off the power pedal effortlessly. The frame is extremely strong and made of aluminum so no rust people. Great pull away power when needed. It has a great suspension to absorb unseen holes we forget to see at time and additional springs on the seats for added comfort. The two batteries mean all day biking and few pit stops people.
Great bike at a great price fully assembled in the box. This is one e bike that once you get it you wouldn't want to send it back unless seriously damaged cause its that good
I highly recommended this bike and I give it a 5 star people go for it!

The Gosen Q7 is a well made ebike !

I love this e-bike, the power is amazing, the range is great, and the build quality seems to be very good. In addition to that, this electric bicycle is well protected during shipping; it also comes 98% pre-assembled. I'm glad I purchased it.

Thank you for sharing. I really like your pictures!

Great E-Bike Q7

The bike was delivered quickly as promised (7 days), it was very well packaged and arrived without any material damage. The bike is great and is built very solidly... it's like a bulldozer... The riding position is super good with your back straight, and the battery life seems very good... The only thing I I would have liked it to have been a front triple crankset to give 21 speeds instead of 7 speeds, because at high speeds it is impossible to pedal to help the autonomy of the batteries.
Another positive point, the bike now comes with two battery chargers, so you can charge both batteries at the same time to save time, I really appreciate this improvement.

I love my new e-bike even more and highly recommend it.

Thank you for letting us see these beautiful pictures.❤

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