Ultra-light foldable electric bike, it only takes 30 seconds to fully fold

Foldable is a form of convenient transportation and storage, and the advent of foldable bicycles allows the bicycle to be folded up and stored in a cupboard, which can be easily taken on the train, or in the trunk of the car, or under the desk at work.

In recent years, it has been continuously attracting attention and has become the choice of many families. But with the popularity of electric vehicles, the number of people buying bicycles is gradually decreasing, so why not make electric vehicles foldable?

Based on this idea, Chinese bicycle manufacturer GOSEN has launched the first folding electric bicycle. After the launch of the Q5 city, the Q5 presents their latest design aesthetic style with a sense of futuristic technology.

The Q5 is equipped with a 750w battery, has a battery life of more than 45km, and has a top speed of 37km/h. It is not inferior to traditional electric vehicles in performance. The Q5 frame has smooth and simple lines, black and gray colors, and the frame is made of magnesium alloy. It only weighs 57 pounds and is very light and portable. 

In order for the folded structure to be subtly hidden, the company uses an original mechanism that optimises the folding. It only takes 30 seconds to fully fold the Q5, and the 20-inch tires allow the bike to create a balance between riding experience and portability.

The most commendable thing about the Q5 is that it can transfer battery power without exposed wires. To charge the bike, just remove the battery from the hidden frame, you can find the charging position, or you can charge it without going to the bottom, and you can manually adjust the seat Chair height.
The bike is also waterproof, has an integrated smart lock for all weather conditions, and a high-torque 40N/m motor makes it ideal for off-road riding too.

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