GOSEN manufacturers launch A8 electric mountain bike: 750 brushless motor

Electric bicycle manufacturer GOSEN has launched the latest A8 electric mountain bike. The car is sporty in shape, with a heavy-duty aluminum design and front and rear shocks. The bicycle structure and shifting system are similar to those of traditional mountain bikes, except that the battery and electric motor are built into the frame, which can provide a maximum power of 750W.
Compared with the first generation, the battery capacity of the A8 has been increased by 20%, and the rear link of the frame has been upgraded, making it more powerful. This car is equipped with a 48V battery pack with a capacity of 15Ah and 720Wh. The battery pack can be disassembled from below and can be completely hidden inside the frame to ensure its beauty.
The bicycle is equipped with a high-speed brushless motor, which is one of the most powerful and torquey bicycle motors on the market today. GOSEN designed the Tongsheng controller to control the motor, and users can adjust different modes by themselves. At maximum power, the output power of the electric motor can reach 1000 watts, and the owner can drive without pedaling at all.
In terms of speed, the car can reach a speed of 50km/h with the electric motor alone, which is due to the limitation of US regulations. If combined with manpower, a speed of 50-65km/h can be achieved.
The A8 electric car uses large 26-inch wheels and new tires. The rear wheel of the car is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed transmission system, and the chainring is a single-disk design. In terms of shock absorption, this car has an aluminum shoulder iron leg shock absorber front fork. In terms of braking system, aluminum alloy mechanical disc brakes are used.
The weight of this bike is 30KG, which is much heavier than traditional bicycles, but much lighter than most electric bicycles.
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