GOSEN electric bicycle evaluation: equipped with 750W motor, equipped with 26-inch large wheels

Bicycles have always been one of our most important means of transportation. After years of development, more labor-saving electric bicycles have come out, and the bicycle's transportation attributes have begun to decline and gradually develop to high-end. Now the real rich people don't drive BMW or Mercedes-Benz, but ride a 60,000 yuan bicycle to exercise. Today we are going to evaluate an electric bicycle - GOSEN-A8.
This GOSEN-A8 has a pure bicycle pedigree, but unlike traditional bicycles, in addition to the "reinforced iron bone" made of aluminum alloy, it is equipped with a huge battery compartment in the middle and a retro-shaped headlight in front. The straight grip design creates a strong mechanical style.
In detail, the car is equipped with a large forward-looking black and white screen with a size of 3.5 inches. The information displayed is also very clear, that is, key information such as power, speed, mileage, gear position, etc., and there is no other redundant and complicated content.
The car is equipped with a mechanical shift button, half-twist the accelerator to start the bicycle, and you can press the button to change gears. It is matched with a Shimano 7-speed transmission imported from Japan. Although the car is equipped with an entry-level transmission, the pedal is more labor-saving and sufficient Adapt to a variety of complex off-road conditions.
In terms of control, driving the GOSEN-A8 still requires certain skills. For those who do not know how to ride a bicycle, don’t try it easily. You can only drive after you have learned the bicycle and have a sufficient sense of balance. The car can be driven purely on electric power by simply twisting the handle, and the brakes can be powered off by holding the brakes.
In terms of power, it is an electric power-assisted bicycle. The car is matched with a 48V750W Junengwang motor. The acceleration time of 0-20km/h is 2 seconds. The maximum speed in electric power mode is 50km/h and the torque can reach 52.2N. meters, and the maximum climbing degree is 50°. Matching the 48V15Ah battery, the pure battery life is 80 kilometers. The battery life is 120 kilometers, and the charging time is 8 hours.
Because the body is made of aluminum alloy lightweight material, it is very light and the total weight does not exceed 30kg. The whole vehicle is very convenient to move. The wheels are 26-inch large-diameter wheels and road tires with low wheel resistance. The overall noise and comfort are good. The car is equipped with a front stainless steel front fork shock absorber and a rear double seat spring shock absorber, which has a good shock filtering effect in off-road riding.
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